Archive of photographs and postcards. Helen Levitt.

Archive of photographs and postcards

New York. 23 original gelatin silver prints, with four autograph postcards singed (one is also a Levitt photograph) and an inscribed publication of the Museum of Modern Art (1985); various sizes and formats. One print wrinkled; two have been mounted on stiff board; another mounted on stiff paper backing; one print with remnants of glue on verso from having once been mounted; corners of a pair of prints with tiny abrasions where they were once taped. Item #205446

An excellent collection of photos, five of them signed by Levitt on their versos, and others with neat pencil annotations in her hand, and one with her studio stamp. From the collection of Edna Ocko Meyers and her husband Sidney Meyers (1906-1969), who were close friends and sometime collaborators with Levitt. A multitalented polymath, Sidney Meyers is best known as a film editor and director. His 1949 documentary "The Quiet One", which was nominated for an academy award, was done together with screenwriter James Agee and Levitt as cinematographer. Levitt remained on close terms with Meyers and his wife and was a frequent guest at their upper west side Manhattan apartment. The photographs were most likely printed by Levitt between the 1960s and 1980s. The images range from some very well known pieces from her major publication (also with Agee) A Way of Seeing, focusing on Harlem street life, as well as some her of her Mexico work. Three of the photos are exhibition prints on 11 X 14 inch sheets, signed and dated by Levitt on the backs; others are smaller format, some being informal working prints. The postcards were written, signed and mailed by Levitt to Edna Meyers as well her son Nick; the MoMA ephemeron is a schedule from the museum's film department that included screenings of "The Quiet One" as well as Meyers's groundbreaking 1961 film "The Savage Eye", which Levitt also worked on. An outstanding collection.

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