Item #204504 Revolution Down South; . . . as told to Walter Davenport. Ellis Arnall.

Revolution Down South; . . . as told to Walter Davenport

(New York): Colliers, 1945. First edition. Folding broadsheet, single leaf, 21 X 7 inches, folded to make an eight-panel leaflet. Fine. Item #204504

Diagnosis and plans articulated by the young Governor of Georgia. Little remembered today, given the turn that state's history took after his single term, Ellis Arnall represented a moment of bright progressive hopes for the postwar south. Elected in 1943, he served one term as Georgia's liberal Democratic governor, during which he eliminated the poll tax, gave 18-year olds the right to vote decades before it became national law, removed state prisons from the Governor's direct control. Arnall proved too progressive for his fellow Georgia Democrats, who did not support him for re-election. He did try again to regain his seat, running against the segregationist Lester Maddox in 1966. Arnall won a plurality in that primary, but was unable to get the required majority because of support for a little known state senator named Jimmy Carter, and lost to Maddox in the resulting runoff.

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